BA/BSc Examination Committee

BA/BSc Examination Committee

The Examination committee deals with matters related to various examinations held by the college in accordance with Calcutta University rules and regulations and decisions taken by the Teachers’ body.


  • To  conduct smooth and timely examinations for students of the BA/BSc stream.
  •  In particular, scheduling of  Mid-term and Selection Examinations for the Annual system and Internal Examination and Tutorial for the Semester system.
  • To make necessary arrangements for examinations that include preparing the examination schedule, allotting rooms for proper seating arrangement, distribution of question papers to the respective departments on the day of examination etc.
  • To coordinate between different departments, the office and the Principal for conducting examinations.


Following the Examination Guideline given by CU, the committee conducted Mid-term and Selection Examinations for the Annual system between 2017-January, 2020 and Internal and Tutorial examinations since November 2018 for the semester system.

Under the pandemic, between 2020 and 2022, the committee coordinated all the online examinations including :

  • BA/BSc. Part-I, Part-II and Part-III Examinations and Supplementary examinations held by CU under the Annual system
  • Internal and Tutorial examinations held by the college
  • All End-semester online examinations held by CU
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