NSS Unit

Our college has one NSS Unit with 100 volunteers operating since 2009. The unit works throughout the year doing various programmes. The students do regular activities in local NGOs, Little Sisters of the Poor, Society for Indian Children Welfare, Umeed, Tiljala Shed. A special camp is held every year to make some tangible change in the lives of the less privileged. Blood Donation Camp is an annual event where the students and teachers participate to achieve the target. Apart from this eye camp, menstraual hygiene camp are held every year in collaboration with NGOs. The students also organize various seminars on pertinent issues of environment and social importance. During any natural calamity the students try to support the affected community in various ways.  Apart from this volunteers attend programmes outside the college and take part in student seminars. The students used the electronic media to help people in need during the lockdown. Through different activities NSS tries to help in the development of empathy and team spirit in the students.

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