Research Committee

The Research Committee of Shri Shikshayatan College is an ambitious endeavour. Even though an affiliated college has little scope for research, the committee was formed in order to provide an additional dimension to the institution’s teaching-learning process. For both undergraduate and postgraduate students the society provides a publication platform for independent research-based term papers and group projects through its journal IMPACT. The committee regularly organises special lectures, webinars and workshops by renowned scholars who provide supplementary support to curricular studies. In its aspiration to widen vistas and map new horizons of knowledge that cannot be addressed through prescribed syllabi, the committee makes every attempt to expose students to emerging areas of enquiry through its events. Further, the research committee initiates, implements, sustains and expands collaborations with other institutions in both academia and industry, in order to secure stellar higher educational and professional opportunities for students. The valuable interface that it provides has resulted in prestigious MOUs with higher education bodies and NGOs, which in turn offer a wealth of opportunities to both teachers and students by way of joint supervision, resource sharing, interships and fieldwork. Building on its success, the Research Committee plans to upgrade its existing journal and bring out peer-reviewed publications. It proposes to continue its endeavours to facilitate associations with reputed organisations for academic enrichment and professional openings for students. Finally, it aims to be the propelling force behind the research impetus at all levels of the college.

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