• BOTANY LABBotany Lab
  • ZOOLOGY LABZoology Lab
  • CHEMISTRY LAB-1Chemistry Lab
  • computer6JMC Media Lab
  • computer5JMC Media Lab
  • MEDIA LABJMC Media Lab`
  • computer4JMC Media Lab
  • computer3JMC Media Lab
  • computer1JMC Media Lab
  • computerJMC Media Lab
  • DSCN2828Chemistry Lab
  • COMPUTER LAB-1 Computer Lab 1
  • DSCN4464 Botany Lab
  • DSCN4463 Botany Lab
  • DSCN4461Botany Lab
  • DSCN2830 Chemistry Lab
  • computer7Computer Lab 1
  • COMPUTER LAB-2Computer Lab 2
  • CHEMISTRY LAB-2Chemistry Lab

The College houses fully equipped and modern labs for various subjects to complement class room teaching, enhance concept building and provide an environment of research and innovation.

  • Botany, Chemistry ,Physics, Zoology:- The labs are equipped with adequate facilities and equipments for conducting experiments under the able guidance of teachers and lab in charge.
  • Geography Lab:– Digitised content like GIS softwares etc are available in the computers installed in the department. The students are taught with the help of various software and satellite pictures. .The lab is equipped with various survey instruments, microscopes, equipments like projectors and document readers etc.
  • Media Lab:- The media lab is equipped with 43 I-Mac machines of latest configuration . The students are given training by experts on these machines. SSC is one of the first college to have a MAC machine equipped media lab .The lab is designed appropriately to provide a radiant and serene environment.
  • Computer Labs:- There are two computer labs with a seating capacity of 50 and 35 respectively. These labs house HP Workstations (Z420 & Z400) of latest make. Projectors and smart boards installed in the lab to enable effective teaching and demonstration.
  • Four classrooms :- with an average seating capacity of 40 are equipped with matching number of HP laptops for providing hands on training in various softwares( JAVA, TURBO C, Tally, Prologue, ETC) to the students. Like all other classrooms these rooms also have projectors and smart boards for effective teaching and demonstration.
  • JMC LAB:- A state-of-the-art laboratory with 3 Apple Mac-Pro (6 CORE XEON processor, 16GB RAM 256 GB FLASH ) computers , Audio mixer (12 channel Alto) etc for audio-visual editing is available for Journalism & Mass Communication Honours students.

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